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I love a good tag post. Sit still for long enough and a new one will swing around, with a fresh batch of questions and willing participants. This Sisterhood of the World one is special because each ‘tagee’ gets to write their own set of questions for the people they tag, so it could run and run. 

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The very beautiful and gifted Ellen from Babies, Biscuits and Booze nominated me to answer her splendid array of nosy parker questions. I loved reading her responses because she’s one of my blogging faves, an absolute gem that I luckily discovered early on in my own naive ventures. She’s incredibly readable: genuine, kind and funny, with a revered collection of novelty sunglasses. She’s a bit like ELLEN John. Get it? No? I’ll move on…

1. As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
A writer. I still want to be a writer when I grow up! I also flirted with the idea of midwifery, teaching, and counselling. I’m pretty ashamed that it’s taken me over 30 years to achieve anything on that list, but I’m getting there.

2. Which song cheers you up when you’ve had a crap day?
Celine Dion’s Titanic one. No, I jest – probably “Live It Up” by Mental as Anything which is much, much naffness but it reminds me of Crocodile Dundee which reminds me of Australia which reminds me of my honeymoon. I remember my husband and I roaming the streets of Sydney, arm-in-arm, singing that song and feeling pretty high on life.

3. What’s your favourite book?
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, always. I love the tragic glamour of Holly Golightly, and how the book is actually quite small but spans a good chunk of time. I can’t read it without imagining Audrey, but who says that’s a bad thing?

4. Is there anything you wish someone had told you before you had kids?
I think people did tell me this, and I just metaphorically stuck my fingers in my ears, but children really do change EVERYTHING. Nothing is sacred anymore. I used to take the simple pleasures in life for granted…you know, sleep, spare change, free time, not being covered in sick. Default parenting statement: I wouldn’t change it for the world. That’s a lie, I bloody well would, but that wouldn’t be very sportsmanlike of me – I’m on this ship for a good long loop-the-loop of the Bay of Biscay. I really do miss my independence and being able to pootle along at my own pace, I never realised quite how much I need time to myself. But, now we’re in the deep end, people tell me and my husband that it does get easier. I’ve taken my fingers out of my ears and I’m definitely listening good and hard to that part.

5. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life – what are you picking?
Everything in my heart is screaming “chocolate” but I could actually go for lasagna. Although I might turn into a big, gelatinous puddle of béchamel sauce. I read a pub quiz fact once that’s never left me: the avocado is the only fruit that could sustain you for a decent period because it has a little bit of everything that you need to survive. That may or may not be true – don’t hold it against me.

6. What’s the best thing about being a blogger?
Writing. I spent so many years NOT writing when I SHOULD HAVE been writing that I now feel a sense of contentment and belonging, I guess. Also, I’ve talked about my Tribe before in this post – how lucky am I, to have fallen into a group of the most supportive and friendly people, who read my stuff and don’t laugh at me for being crap?

7. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show?
#ThrowbackThursdayNotOnAThursday – do you remember Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? I LOVED that! I used to force my husband to sit through it as well, it was brilliant. I had a bit of a soft spot for Jai Rodriguez and it was a crying shame that he was gay, frankly. Nowadays, I’ll happily spend an hour watching tripe with Greg Wallace in some sort of hairnet, investigating the lifecycle of salt and vinegar crisps (true story).

8. When’s the last time you saw live music or a show and what was it?
I’m going to piss off my husband with this. I hate The Lion King, film version. Always have, always will. I can’t watch the bit where the dad dies and Hakuna Matata makes me cringe. For my birthday a couple of years ago, my husband got us tickets to see the stage version, in what was quite a dicey move if you ask me. Christ though, it was amazing! I was so impressed by the costumes and the set design, it was absolutely captivating. Film version is still 90 minutes of shite but I could watch the stage show again and again.

9. Which blog should we all be reading?!
No idea, they’re all pretty shit. Of course not! There are so many good ones…I’m going to say And Another Ten Things because the concept behind her posts is so simple, but she delivers each one like an absolute boss and has me genuinely belly laughing. My two favourites from her are Walking with Toddlers and 50 Shades of S**t. Please check her out, she’s paid me handsomely for these here backlinks.

10. Shots are on me – tequila, sambuca or jägerbombs?
Gah. Never Sambuca. I can’t be doing with the red bull / crunk / monk accompaniment to jägerbombs either, so I guess I’m left with tequila. Oh wait, I like tequila! Tequila then. Do you have some?

Always end on a booze hound question, finish on a high. So, here are my nominees of the sisterhood:

Suzanne from And Another Ten Things
Becky from Sparkly Becky
Emma from Island Living 365
Laura from The Unsung Mum
Bridie from Bridie By The Sea

Ladies, here are your questions from me!

1. What’s your favourite biscuit?
2. If you could choose your first name, what would it be?
3. What should I be watching on Netflix right now?
4. If you could play a villain in a film, who would it be?
5. Would you rather appear on Gladiators, The Krypton Factor, or Countdown?
6. Snog, Marry, Avoid: Duncan from Blue, Joe Wicks, Ant from Ant & Dec.
7. What’s the best wedding favour you’ve ever received?
8. Who’s sitting on your right at your dream dinner party?
9. Would you have botox in the next three years, if it was free?
10. I drink sherry at Christmas. A LOT of sherry at Christmas. Am I a bad person?

Just a reminder: Please give me a mention for nominating you. Answer my questions. Then think of your own 10 questions and nominate 5 fellow bloggers to answer them… Have fun!

-SJW August 2016

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