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Hello! Welcome to my blog. You’ll find a lot about parenting (minimal advice, I promise), a fair amount about health and fitness (abs goals), and some tear-jerking misery porn. Plus the odd review and a few nice photos. Oh, and sometimes a recipe that I’ve ripped off from a proper recipe website. 

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#104: Fit Mama – Motivate to Accumulate

#104: Fit Mama – Motivate to Accumulate

Now, I like to think I'm moderately fit. Not a pro, obviously, but maintaining fitness and training regularly is up there in my top three 'do not take this away from her' list... I can't imagine a life without sweat or Lycra. What's not to love? Anyone can be a...

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#102: This Is Ourselves Under Pressure

#102: This Is Ourselves Under Pressure

Last week, I had what I affectionately term as "a bloody shit day". In retrospect, nothing bad actually happened, but I remember commenting to my husband over text that "oh I don't know, I just feel like a failure today". Call it parent pressure. This isn't one of...

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Hi! I'm Sam, and I mostly write about my two daughters, Mouse and Moo. Thank you for visiting my site. Disclaimer: All children are wonderful, except when they're not.


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