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Some of my more avid readers (all three of you) may recall my post where I apologised to Mouse for generally being a bit shit and neglectful and not making enough time for her. 

Well, today I mothered the hell out of mothering with a little outing to the theatre. That’s right, the theatre. Stick Man was in town, and a friend and I booked tickets aaaaaaages ago, possibly even before I was guilt riddled about my shoddy parenting. Being at the crack of September, my friend and I promptly forgot all about it, until late last week when the calendar pages turned and we shared a flurry of “fuck, it’s this Sunday!” messages.

We’ve dabbled in taking the old gal to children’s theatre before and we’ve not seen a bad production yet. What The Ladybird Heard was a cracker, with a very small cast and teeny set design, but a surprisingly captivating performance. Stick Man followed suit, with all roles being acted by three charismatic dramatic types. I think the lady was girl crush potential but we were up too high for me to get a proper unabridged look.

I had a mild to moderate panic when my friend told me there was no interval, but actually that turned out to be a blessing as it meant we were all wrapped up within an hour and trotting back to the train station. Where our train was delayed for approximately 45 minutes and so we paced the platform eating jelly beans and discussing whether or not we needed a wee.

I only bollocked her a couple of times so I consider the outing a hearty success. Next stop – Room On The Broom.


View of the stage of a performance of Stick Man, with the three cast members waving to the audience.

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