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Mouse’s pre-school is very good at laying on events on the three-weekly Saturday rota when I’m otherwise engaged with Mummy Time (hair, nails, general desperate escapism). I’m quite proud that I’ve never been to a single extra-curricular activity and have managed to render these “Daddy Time”, with the exception of a Christmas Carol concert when I was heavily pregnant and cried under the falling fake snow. I can’t handle that level of emotive schmaltz. 

Anyway, this Saturday saw the dawn of the Summer Fete. There was an agenda circulated, which I ignored and referred back to Daddy. As I was leaving my nail salon (with 10 Tutti Frutti Pink talons and immaculately groomed eyebrows, mais oui madame), I opened Facebook on my phone and was met with this delight. I couldn’t quite distinguish what was face paint and what was chocolate cake frosting, but I was most impressed with the pristine condition of the white dress despite such calamitous exposure. Cake verdict: “nice and bitey”.

Mouse has her face painted like a butetrfly and she has chocolate all around her mouth from a chocolate cake.

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