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Thank you for coming to visit my blog. My posts kind of speak for themselves, but I’ve been consulting bloggers that blog about how to make a successful blog, and apparently I should invest some time in making sure that this page, this very page, is captivating. So, I’ll try and keep this bit like a miniskirt – short enough to keep you interested, but not so long that you get distracted. Or is it the other way around…? (You can find that joke on various wedding speech template websites, I’ve heard it several times and it usually gets a titter.)

Anyway. I’m Sam. I’m almost at the ceiling of the 18-34 age category, and I live in Southampton, England with my husband, my cat, and my two daughters. Mouse is almost four years old, so nicknamed because when she was tiny she used to squeak. Moo is a year old, and we call her Moo because Mouse can’t pronounce her real name. She’s not my baby anymore, sob.

I’m one of those annoying fitness blogger types and I post quite a bit about my sweaty exploits. I’ve been quite fanatical about keeping fit for about four years, starting after my first daughter was born. Since my second daughter arrived, I’ve revved it all up a bit and run a few half marathons. I love it – I love writing about it, taking photos of it, and seeing how other mums incorporate fitness into their lives too.

My favourite colour is yellow. I would leave my husband for either Tom Hardy or Hugh Jackman. My favourite place to eat is Wagamama. I like stationery. I love giraffes. My favourite place in the world is Australia (I know, I know – big place). My favourite chocolate bar is a Crunchie. Or a Galaxy Ripple. Or a Twix. Or a Kinder Bueno. I’m quite good at making cakes, I’m rubbish at gardening. I use chickpeas to bulk out 60% of our evening meals. I can’t carry off pale or pastel nail varnishes. I love gin, prosecco and Pinot Noir. I call woodlice “ee-ee’s”. I have a bit of an obsession with Sandi Toksvig. My favourite bit of journo is the Lifestyle section of The Guardian. My favourite book is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I could watch True Romance every day for a month. The best raspberries come from Scotland. Carrie should have stayed with Aiden. I can’t stand matte-finish crockery.

That’ll do it I think. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, please like and comment and share and all those lovely things that might make me famous. If you’d like a chinwag, you’re very welcome to email me: or click here to use my contact form.


Me and the Cubs:


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