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In Twitterland, I’ve risen to the #bloggingchallenge set by @themumzilla (well, tried to). I’m fickle so this list could change before bedtime, but for now here are My Five Favourite Things from around Mi Casa. #my5faves

1. Sentiment Represented as Cat


When Mouse was born, I stumbled across a new beaut of a website called Love Keep Create. They have a vast product line now, but back when they first launched they specialised in making animals from the baby clothes that you wanted to preserve. They didn’t have a mouse design so we plumped for a cat, because we have a cat, and we had a delusional notion that the pair of them would be very best friends (he hates her, she’s terrified of him). I spent ages picking out which bits to send from her first tiny baby outfits, and after I’d washed and ironed them ready to be posted I vividly remember kissing the bundle and squeezing it against my chest. Soppy toad that I am, I suppose I was saying goodbye to those precious and fleeting early newborn days that were already starting to give way to the next stage. Six weeks later and my gorgeous cat arrived in a lovely big box. I was so set on keeping it ‘nice’ that it stayed in the box in a wardrobe until we recently redecorated a shared bedroom for Mouse and Moo and I decided that no, he should be on display. I’ve just sent off my little package of Moo’s clothes for her giraffe (!) to be made and I can’t wait to sit them side by side.

2. Pandora’s Door


I’ve always had a thing for a wooden veneer on MDF. This is my absolute favourite and the pattern of the grain is unrivalled. Just shitting – I’m too ashamed to show you the contents of this cupboard because it contains not one, but two shelves dedicated entirely to housing junk food. We’re talking an elite grade tuck shop in there. I’m pretty sure the phrase “death by chocolate” will appear on my coroners report one day because I LOVE the stuff. Posh, mid-range, cheap and nasty…anything goes. My latest fixation is freezing chocolate with a chewy centre then eating it after a brief thaw, to elongate the chew. Your common Rolo is good, but a Milky Way is really where it’s at. The only thing that doesn’t perform so well after a treatment next to the petit pois is a toffee poppet. They take it one step too far and solidify into little impenetrable pellets of doom – proceed with caution. I have discovered very sadly that 100g of the devil’s fruit gives a surprisingly little yield, however, which is why my body is probably 50% fat and also why I invest so much offset-y time into item 3 on my list.

3. Garmin Forerunner


I think I can just about call myself a slightly reluctant runner. Pre-Moo, I was a hardened gym bunny (sort of like the Cadbury’s Caramel bunny without the sex appeal. I’m not sure if I should discuss the sex appeal of rabbits here – let’s move on). I resolutely met my pre-natal personal trainer every month and stuck to the challenging-yet-adaptable routine he set me, and I was fortunate enough to be able to continue with my beloved spinning until the week before I gave birth. In fact, twelve hours before my waters broke I was sweating away on the cross trainer scurrilously ignoring all the disapproving looks and double takes. Do as much or as little as YOUR body dictates but I truly believe that keeping fit and active throughout pregnancy helps you to cope with the physical demands of labour, if nothing else. I was mad keen to get back in the saddle after Moo, but I quickly realised that something crucial was missing. Time. There’s simply not enough of it, and cluster feeds / zombified baby swaying dictate most of your evenings in the early days. So I picked up running, because a. You can leave the house behind for a while and just EXIST, in fresh air and solitude, and b. You maximise that chunk of precious time because your workout starts as soon as you set foot outside. You don’t need to drive to a gym or fanny around in a changing room, you literally hit the ground running. A few weeks ago I decided to enter some races, to motivate me and give me an outlet for my competitive streak. I got this watch second hand on a running mummies Facebook group and I love it – I suddenly feel like a proper snazz runner, even if my calves aren’t quite on board. All I need it to do is track my time and distance covered, and it’s perfect.

4. Drinks Cabinet


I was delighted when an amazing friend (@Beta_Mummy actually) sent me a link to a fantastic article dispelling some myths about alcohol consumption while breastfeeding. Now, no-one is encouraging anyone to get completely blotto – drink responsibly and stop when the fun stops – but I really do savour a couple of drinks at the end of a long week when the children are in bed and it’s my time. I crack open my sparsely stocked (cough) Pandora’s cupboard, take some gin in a tin out of the fridge, and heave a great sigh of relief. I built this IKEA special at 35 weeks pregnant and it is perhaps less sturdy than intended, we’ve had to instruct Mouse not to jump or dance within a 2 meter radius of it. Still, it makes me feel very grown up and when we have guests round we sometimes pop the little LED light on to really exhibit our deluxe offerings. Aldi-brand Pimms, anyone?

5. Peg Art Display


DIY is not my fortitude, neither is it my husbands. If I see something vaguely creative that I like, I’d much rather buy it, or get someone else to craft it for me. However, I can paint a random strip of wood that fell off our living room Venetian blinds (sorry landlord!). I can superglue some teeny tiny painted pegs to aforementioned strip of wood. I can affix this to the wall by way of some hook and loop pads. Hey presto – art display! Moo doesn’t really make much artwork yet, but we’re besieged by the stuff from Mouse. This is at the foot of her cabin bed and I like chopping and changing what she has in her micro-gallery before it gets farmed out to the grandparents because I can’t bear to chuck anything. I might even whack this up on Pinterest because it’s effective and a piece of piss.

There you have it, that’s me in list form!

-SJW June 2016


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