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Lauren of @BlogMummyLauren fame has tagged me to answer the series of Mummy Tag questions that are doing the rounds in the blogosphere. So, without further ado! 

Are you a stay-at-home or a working Mum?
I usually work part-time but I’m on maternity leave at the moment. I’ll be going back in January I think.

Would you have it any other way?
Hmm, I’d like an extra weekday to play with! There’s no way I could be a SAHM. Seriously, hats off to them, because I couldn’t hack it. I obviously do my ‘day job’ for money but it’s invaluable for giving me some space away from the brood. Without that time I think I’d go stir crazy, which is probably a guilty failing of mine – “mum horrified by the idea of a solid week with both of her children”.

Do you co-sleep?
Not any more, unless Moo is really unsettled, but we did in the newborn days. I was very reluctant to co-sleep with Mouse because I was worried about crushing her, and so I would spend hours and hours each night bobbing around trying to get her to sleep so that I could put her in her Moses basket. She would feed every 3 hours and often I’d fail to get her down after the 1am feed and be up with her until gone 4am. When Moo came, I couldn’t hack that level of sleep disruption with a toddler to look after too, so she slept on my chest a lot. It was a case of doing what we could to get through it, and it worked for us.

Newborn must-have?
Muslins – especially if you have a sicky child, as I appear to have been blessed with this time around. Every room boasts at least one working muslin. I’ve got one permanently attached to my shoulder, yet Moo usually manages to miss it and so both of us constantly smell of sour milk, which is nice. They’re also good for putting under your baby’s bum during nappy free time, as they act as a moderate soaker upper before the wee (or worse) seeps through to your carpets.

How many kids do you plan on having?
I’ve always wanted three, but to be honest it’s been a lot harder adjusting to two than I expected. My husband turns to the nearest open bottle of alcohol when I float the idea of a third (I jest of course!) so I think we may be done. I’m incredibly lucky to have two beautiful healthy girls from pretty straightforward pregnancies, so if this is my lot in life then I’m doing well. Plus practically and financially speaking, a third would basically ruin us!

Date Night – How often?
Pre-Moo, we would go out maybe once every couple of months, which was a pretty poor show! Now Moo is here and I’m breastfeeding, we’ve not managed to get out once which is even worse. However, we’re in a half decent routine now and we’ve primed up the in-laws to come over one evening so we can nip to the curry house 0.2miles away. We also save Friday nights for Netflix & Chill (where “chill” denotes sitting in companionable silence and eating crap).

What’s your child’s favourite TV show?
Mouse is really into Paw Patrol. Her favourite is Skye, Daddy’s favourite is Rubble, and apparently my favourite is Marshall. My actual favourite is Chickaletta because she’s a total diva and doesn’t give a shit about anything. My least favourite is Captain Turbot because he’s a knob. Moo likes Sky Sports News because of the colours and movement, which my husband capitalises on!

What’s one thing you bought for your newborn and never used?
Shamefully, a stretchy wrap. I was mad keen on Babywearing to begin with and I do have a Connecta carrier which I love, but the stretchy should have been given a lot more airtime in my house when Moo was tiny.

Child’s favourite food?
Moo’s is milk, obviously. Mouse is a big fan of Wagamama or anything noodly, and she’s oddly keen on fruit and veg. She will pack away about 6 jam creams if you’re not looking, though.

How many cars does your family have?
One, and I don’t like our car anymore. Everyone I know seems to be getting new cars and I have the envy. I feel like we should be exploring the Ford Galaxy route but it’s not an option while I’m piss poor on SMP. I’m glad we’ve not succumbed to peer pressure of having two cars, yet – my husband cycles to work a lot so it’s just about manageable.

Weight Gain – Before, During and After Pregnancy?
This is a horrible question! Weight gain was within the normal parameters with both babies, but I gained less with Moo because I exercised a fair bit throughout. Back to “normal” weight now but my body has definitely changed. I was doing a plank the other day and feeling exceptionally smug until I looked down and saw a crepe-like mass of saggy skin hanging from my mid-section. Really attractive, that.

What’s your dream family holiday?
All of my rich friends seem to go to Centre Parcs every other weekend, so maybe there! I’d love to take them to Australia because I feel like it’s my spiritual home, but it’s quite a heavy-duty trip with small people.

What’s your dream holiday without the kids?
Start spreading the news….New York is top of my bucket list. For my birthday a few years ago my husband booked a long weekend away for us, but wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I begged for a clue, and he gave me a pub quiz fact about the large ratio of green space to inhabited land, or something. I shit myself with glee because I was convinced we were off to New York. Dear reader, it was Cardiff.

How has life changed since having kids?
Literally every single aspect of my life has been upended in some way. Parenting dominates and changes how you approach everything. I guess what I miss most is spontaneity and just being able to vacate a house within three minutes, instead of strong arming various children and associated kit out the door.

Finish the sentence – It makes my heart melt when…
…Mouse tells me that she loves me, completely without prompt, or that I look pretty.

Where do I shop for my kids?
I’m a proper supermarket fiend for their clothes, as the quality is actually pretty decent and £2 for a T-shirt is bargainous. Tu and George are my favourites but I have a lot of time for Nutmeg! Mothercare have some truly gorgeous summer bits but I avoid going in there because I want to buy the whole shop.

What’s your favourite makeup and skincare?
I tend to have a few higher end bits from Benefit, MAC and bareMinerals then supplement the rest of my face with cheap crap. Collection 2000 has come a long way! I am a long term devotee of Dermalogica and it’s amazing for my skin, but you can buy two products and get coppers as change from £100 so when I do get some, I save it for SPECIAL special. In fact I have some bits in a drawer upstairs that I’ve been saving for so long, they’ve probably gone off. Microfoliant though…mmmmmmm.

Huggies or Pampers?
Pampers all the way, through Amazon Prime Subscribe & Save. Aldi do the best wipes, I like the packs with the plastic lid so that they don’t dry out. That’s a real “how did my life come to this?” statement!

Have you always wanted kids?
Yes. I always wanted to have my first around the age of 28, and have a reasonably small age gap. I got both of those things and feel very lucky.

Best thing about being a Mum?
When Mouse and I are having a proper, interactive conversation where she’s forming opinions and coming out with some hilarious things, and I just think, “wow – I made you”. Can’t beat it.

-SJW June 2016


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